Chad Martin (tharasix) wrote in lyrics_quizzes,
Chad Martin

Anthems II

  1. I said, "Hey, man, there's somethin' you oughta know
    I tell ya Park Ave. leads to Skid Row!"
    Youth Gone Wild by Skid Row - identified over the phone by jamesbean

  2. Big black shape, with eyes of fire
    Telling people their desire

  3. Revolution
    The only solution
    The armed response of an entire nation
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1) David Bowie Sufferoget City (I know I spelled it wrong)

I don't even have a guess for anything else
That's impressively far from the correct answer.
oh god, I'm so dumb. #1 is Skid anthom or something like that?
There ya go. Once again, the artist is correct, but not the song title. You've got the idea, but you're not quite there yet.
Shouldn't the last line of #3 end in "nution"?

I knew one of your last ones (I hope) but I didn't guess.
"The armed response of an entire nanution"?

Go ahead and guess. I mean, why not?